Opossums Released at Backyard Wedding in Weaverville, North Carolina

Lindsey and Seth are one of the most wonderful couples that I have had the pleasure of photographing. This big-hearted duo adopts, rescues, and fosters cats and dogs, volunteers their time to do wildlife rescue work as well as owning two doggy daycare/boarding/grooming facilities in the Asheville area. It was such an honor to get to meet them, their pack of 6 lucky dogs, two of their kitties, and some of their favorite family and friends while photographing all the fun!

They chose to celebrate their love by having a small gathering in the gorgeous field near their home in lovely mountain cove on the most perfect day. Lindsey knew she wanted to incorporate a wildlife release into their wedding day, and Seth was more than happy to oblige. After the ceremony, they led the guests to a nearby wooded area, opened the crate door, and three opossum rescues emerged to discover their new home. The wildlife rescue she volunteers with, Edith Allen Wildlife, had some of the most adorable opossums that were ready to release right around the wedding date, so it worked out perfectly to surprise the guests – and me. It was the best wedding surprise I have gotten to capture!!

It was an inspiration to spend a special day getting to photograph the magic this couple creates together. I am the luckiest person to have met this pair and I’m humbled by all they do to help animals and people everyday. Between their work at Wonderdog caring for so many people’s dogs and all the foster and rescue work, they do so much to help so many animals have better lives. Truly thankful we connected through their wedding and I hope to get to photograph more chapters of their story as the years go by!!

I adored every moment of Lindsey and Seth’s wedding – so excited to share this joy with you all! Wishing all the best to Lindsey and Seth!!

Photography: Camilla Calnan Photography

Wildlife rescue the bride volunteers with: Edith Allen Wildlife Sanctuary

Location: near the couple’s home in Weaverville, NC

Their awesome doggy daycare/boarding/grooming business: Wonderdog Asheville, Wonderdog Merrimon

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