Harmon Family Portraits at the NC Arboretum

I have had the honor of photographing this awesome family annually for 6 years now!! Each fall, we choose an amazing location to go play. This year we revisited to the NC Arboretum, which is one of our favorite places in any season and has a million ever changing backdrops to work with. With the Winter Lights displays still set up, we were treated to over-sized insects and flowers plus *unicorns* that were so much fun to work into their fun family photos. You can feel the love between them all – and I am so so lucky to get to capture them together!! I could gush forever about these four, but I think the photos will say more than words can.

Getting to photograph chapters of my clients (friends) lives is just the best! Creating an archive of family photos to have to look back on as the years fly by seems like the best gift I can give. Preserving memories by freezing moments in time to cherish forever is my goal. I look forward to helping to create timeline albums, prints, and wall art to be lived with so they can enjoy be enjoyed off the phone or computer. Let’s create new family heirlooms that can live on for years to come!

Photography: Camilla Calnan Photography

Location: North Carolina Arboretum

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