Bent Creek and Lake Powhatan Winter Walk in the Woods – Asheville, NC

I found myself in Bent Creek adventuring on a winter day, discovering the beauty on a trail I have never taken.  While wandering on the Hard Times Road, I couldn’t resist the call of a little creekside cutout trail crossing leading me up the Hard Times Spur. This trail took me up and across a lovely field then down to Lake Powhatan just before sunset.  I followed the road to the lakeside beach and around to the Homestead trail to reconnect to the spur on the other side of the lake to take me back.  As nature slows down this time of year, there is an expectation of time for regeneration with the rhythm of the seasons.  I find that for me, it has become a time for introspective reflection, deciding how to grow in the next season.

The soft, late afternoon light shifting across the trees, creeks, lake, and trails was spectacular, making it hard to not spend all my time stopped, photographing the light and needing to share more images from this little adventure than usual.

I am constantly reminded that we are so lucky to live somewhere so uniquely spectacular and diverse, and how I am honored to help capture the innate beauty of so many awe-inspiring people and places. This season, I cannot help but feel thankful for so many gifts in our world that allow us to do this important work.  I hope that we can continue this adventure for years to come!


Photography by Camilla Calnan Photography.

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