The Pisgah Astronamical Research Institute – PARI

Here in Western North Carolina, we are lucky to have an astronomical treasure nestled in the mountains.  The Pisgah Astronomical Institute (PARI) is nestled in the Pisgah National Forest near Rosman, North Carolina. Originally constructed by NASA, and also used by the Department of Defense at one point…”PARI is now a pulbic not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing hands-on educational and research opportunities for a broad cross-section of users in science, technology, engineering and math disciplines.”

We visited recently and are looking forward to visiting again soon.  This place is awe-inspiring!  They have minerals and artifacts along with space memorabilia that rival things I have seen at the Smithsonian.  The have pieces in their collection that are shared with museums and collections all over the world – truly mind blowing that this little not so well known spot has so many hugely important things going on!  The tour was very informative and we were all reeling in how special visiting PARI truly is.



For more information about PARI, click here to visit there website.

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Cami and Chris

Camilla Calnan Photography

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