Simone and Burke are engaged – Asheville engagement photography

I am excited to share some favorites from Simone and Burke’s engagement session.  As I am working on a post about their wedding day, I cannot help but share these first.  This sweet couple just fits together.  It always brings me such joy to work with great people that make each other shine.  I met Simone while volunteering for a non-profit she used to work with and she is a giver, a do-er and a huge heart-ed person it was always a pleasure to connect with.  When she shared that she had met an amazing man and was getting married, I was thrilled to get to capture engagement photos for them.

We met on the Biltmore Estate to play on a perfect sunny afternoon, wandering on sun-soaked paths next to a field of sunflowers with their happy dogs. Afterwards, the couple hopped on Burke’s Harley-Davidson motorcycle for a few spins in the parking lot. I’m still laughing as I picture myself running around chasing them and positioning for the next shot!  The chrome sparkled in the sun and they cuddled, giggled and reeled in their happiness.  The next was spot by an epic tree with the mountain landscape as a spectacular backdrop then off to play by the lagoon.  It brings me such joy knowing this little adventure gave them so many beautiful photos to remember such a special time in their lives.


Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you need photos with the ones you love. I would love to be your photographer and help preserve special moments – the everyday or the extraordinary.   – Cami

Photography by: Camilla Calnan Photography

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