WNC Nature Center – Asheville Photography

We are excited to share some of our favorite photos from our recent trip to the WNC Nature Center in Asheville, North Carolina.

Our adventure started off in the Appalachian Station where we were greeted by a wide variety of native reptiles, amphibians and even a few tiny rainbow trout. Next, we headed down to Otter Falls to watch the otters. You can’t help but smile and laugh at the playful otters as they swim up to the windows to check you out.

The Petting Area was filled with friendly farm animals that were more than happy to receive a pat on the head. The miniature donkey and dread-locked sheep were our personal favorites!

Next on the list were the Cougar and Bobcat exhibits. They all seemed to be eagerly awaiting something, we found out later that it was almost feeding time. Reminds us of our cat at home. =)

The Wolves Exhibits were by far our favorite. The Gray wolves took time from their busy playing schedule to pose for a few quick portraits, while the Red Wolf watched on from it’s separate pen. We even got a awesome howling serenade from all of the wolves thanks to a passing fire truck siren.

We finished our fun adventure at the near the Fox exhibits, where the animals were all waiting by the gates waiting for their dinners to be delivered.  Cannot wait to go back for another visit again soon!!  We are so lucky in Western North Carolina to have such an awesome place to visit and learn about these animals.  You should go check it out!!

Check out the WNC Nature Center for more information.

Photography by Cami and Chris of Camilla Calnan Photography.

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