Pets in weddings and portraits – Asheville Wedding and Portrait Photography

Last week on our @camillacalnanphotography instagram account, we have been featuring wedding and engagement portraits including pets.  Lots of happy dogs and one thrilled kitty were so important to their people that they were a big part of their session or wedding.  We love animals and always adore getting to capture the fur-babies along with the rest of the family.

Could not resist sharing these and giving them their own blog post.  Hope you love them as much as we do!!

camiphoto_portraits_with_pets_0001  camiphoto_portraits_with_pets_0003   camiphoto_portraits_with_pets_0002 camiphoto_portraits_with_pets_0012 camiphoto_portraits_with_pets_0005 camiphoto_portraits_with_pets_0006- camiphoto_portraits_with_pets_0007 camiphoto_portraits_with_pets_0004


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