Arizona Adventures in the Mogollon Rim – Travel photography March 2015 – going out west part 3

Arizona is full of awe-inspiring landscapes.  This area’s ground and mountains are a lovely warm reddish tint; the unique coloration comes from the hematite (iron oxide) staining the sandstone a dark red.  The geological makeup and the stratified layers of the Mogollon Rim add to the dramatic, ever changing desert mountain landscape.  The red stone accented with cacti and succulents that change with the elevation – it is all just spectacular.  Ancient ruins at archaeological sites were a big part of the mission when we went on adventures.  Each day of my visit had very different weather – from overcast, dreary rain, to snow to bright sunny days.  My adventures this time were centered around Payson, Arizona and we are already thinking about when to return to visit monument valley, the grand canyon and see more of this amazing state.

One of the most intriguing things I captured was the site of a lightning strike.  The power of the bolt indented the rock, drew out metals in the stone that created almost claw-like patterns surrounding the crevice.  It had rained just before our hike, so as pictured, it is filled with rainwater, making it even more interesting to explore with the camera.  We have not been able to find much research about this phenomena, so if you have any information to share or contacts to suggest, it would be appreciated!  I put the collage of the strike site first then followed with collages of landscapes, ancient sites, desert plant-life, view from the Rim Club at sunset, a morning view from the regional airport (from the awesome greasy spoon type cafe there!), and a glimpse of an ancient hieroglyph.

Hope you enjoy getting to see a bit of my journey!  Back home in the mountains near Asheville, North Carolina, portrait, wedding and adventure season is upon us.  There are lots more photos – stories – and adventures in the oldest mountains in the world that I will be sharing soon.  Thanks for visiting my blog!

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