San Diego Adventures Balboa Park and Zoo – Travel photography Feb-March 2015 – going out west part 2

I am finally getting a chance to get back to sharing some images and thoughts from my trip out west last month.  Thrilled to share some of what I saw in and near Balboa Park in San Diego.  Balboa park is where the world famous San Diego Zoo is located, as well as the unbelievable ‘desert gardens’.  For me, after spending so much time on the east coast and in the south, the sights of cacti growing taller than 15 feet that I usually see in nursery pots in my world was a sight to behold.  An aloe tree was something I didn’t even know existed…  There is also a gorgeous tiered rose garden that must be spectacular when in bloom.  The trees and plants are immense as they grow year round here.  I found myself staring and shooting lots of plant life in the park as well as in the zoo.  The Casa Del Prado was an awesome sight to behold as well – architectural details and beautiful arches had my photographer mind reeling.

The zoo was, of course, awesome.  I saw a hippo people watching (pressed against the glass of his enclosure obviously entertained with all those gathered to gawk), a baby orangutan with it’s mother, baby giraffes, a black rhino swimming, polar bears, flamingos of all shades of whites, greys and pinks, pit vipers, crazy praying mantis, elephants, polar bears (enjoying California weather it seemed!), and pandas (didn’t get to see the red panda this time…).  I also saw lots of other great animals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish, insects, and ‘the most dangerous animal’ – people (people watching in a zoo is pretty great, too!).  The trees, plants and flowers in the zoo were magnificent and definitely worthy of capturing along with all the animals.   As I was heading back to find the bus stop to get back to the hotel, I passed the sweetest and most picture perfect church under a truly lovely sky, as you see below.

Looking forward to sharing more of what I’ve been up to once I share another installment of my going out west adventure.  Arizona is up next – then perhaps the blog will get back to the mountains of North Carolina that I call home.  I have so much inspiration from this adventure – loving all it has inspired already.  Thanks for checking out my blog and vicariously joining me on my journey.  🙂

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