San Diego Adventures – Travel photography Feb-March 2015 – going out west part 1

It had been over a dozen years since my last trip to the west coast, so when a friend mentioned she had to go to San Diego for work and I should join her, knew I needed to make it happen.  Needless to say, the landscapes in San Diego are so different than the ones I have grown accustomed to in Asheville and on the trips to visit family in Mississippi.  I booked the flights and went with very little agenda other than to capture my adventures.

We arrived from the transcontinental flight at night and the first photos below are the view from the room, handheld camera with iso cranked and the fisheye lens to show off the city at night.  The hotel offered great views from sunrise to sunset.  🙂

We had one day to adventure together and chose to go to La Jolla to find the beach and take it all in.  Could not have been a better day – spectacular sights with all the flora, fauna, buildings, walkways and views.  It was a special experience to see the beaches full of sea lions resting in the early afternoon sun, pups and adults.  The rocks, cliffs and caves shaped by the ocean tides were such unique backdrops for all these species that are alien to my east coast world.

I have been sharing bits of the trip on my instagram @camillacalnanphotography – check it out if you are on IG.  Would love to have you as a follower if you are into that kind of thing…   With so much to share from these adventures, this is the first in a series of blogs about the trip.  I hope you enjoy getting to travel vicariously with me.  Hoping that this is the beginning of lots more travel adventures to share.

Thanks for checking out my blog!


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