Ice micro photography – Winter storm in Asheville

It has been very very cold the past few days in the mountains of Western North Carolina.  First temps dropped, then we had snow that was covered with a layer of little ice orbs that covered the snow.  It warmed up a little, just enough to melt and refreeze, leaving sheets of ice on much of our area.  During weeks like this, I am especially glad I can work from home.

I know I promised something other than more snow micro photos, so here is a series of ICE micro photography.  Ice droplets on plants gives such color and texture that are interesting to the naked eye – I could not believe some of the magic in the details as I moved in and focused as close as I could.  I hope you love getting to see this spectacular micro world through my photos!  The first collage images were taken at night, with no other light than my speedlight flash – made the little orbs really show how perfect they are!  The rest were captured yesterday morning.   The second and third collages are on dwarf nandina bushes, firepower then heavenly bamboo nandina respectively.  Love love love the red accents against the ice.  The final image is of frozen blooms and a leaf of a pieris shrub. Be sure to click on the images to see them bigger – so so much crazy detail!!  I adore sharing these images and hope they inspire!!

Are you as surprised as I am about how some of these awe-inspiring landscapes exist in the micro world around us?

Photography: Camilla Calnan Photography

Location: Candler, North Carolina

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