Snow micro photos (part III) – Asheville Nature Photography

I’m the first to admit that I may be a little obsessed with snow lately.  Since I have been encouraged to keep posting these unique formations, here we are with the third post playing with micro photography of snowflakes.  It has become a personal challenge and opportunity when snowflakes start to fall; I force myself to layer up, put the special antique manual micro lens on my camera and head outside.  The wind was really gusting today which makes the battle of catching the perfect flake, focusing and composing it just right to try to capture it before it blows away or melts it even more of a challenge.  The moment the perfectly formed pattern comes into focus makes it all worth it – and there were some spectacular specimens today.  Our sweet pup joined in and (unbelievably!) let me get a few shots of her beautiful amber eye and some flakes on her fur!  I promise the next post will be about something warm, colorful and showing some of my beloved clients, but until then, I hope you enjoy getting to see some of the magic I photographed today.  🙂

camiphoto_snow_2015_0007 camiphoto_snow_2015_0008 camiphoto_snow_2015_0009 camiphoto_snow_2015_0010 camiphoto_snow_2015_0011

Thanks for checking out my blog!  🙂


Camilla Calnan Photography

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