Snowy day means more chances for snowflake photos! – Asheville Nature Photography

I love snow!  Something about winter is so fun for me.  I adore bundling up in lots of layers, watching the crazy skies and watching the ever-changing weather never knowing if you could end up snowed in (please!) or a surprise warm day that reminds us spring is not too far away…

Each snowy day since I rediscovered my micro lens I have layered up and headed outside trying to catch flakes and photograph them before they melt away.  Today’s challenge on top of catching, focusing, composing and photographing the flakes was the wind!  I made it work – with the support of my frisky dogs who were outside with me.  They really really like snow days and my new project that makes us spend more time out in the cold!  I always come inside to find I have not taken many shots and only a few are focused just right, but I cannot resist sharing this micro perspective of the world.  Hope you enjoy a few snow flake collages!

Here is to hoping you stay warm and bundled this winter!!   Thanks for checking out my blog!

Photography: Camilla Calnan Photography

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