Brevard Nature Photography – A favorite place to play in the mountains


Everyone has their way to find their zen/center/destress – a deep breath, meditation, ommm….  I find this when I go into the mountains.  Usually places that cell reception is really spotty (if it exists at all) are ideal.  I love that my job and passion compels me to share these places by photographing them.  That usually becomes another meditation in its own way as I watch the light move and water swirl, clouds and leaves shift, absorb the feel and try to convey it in the scene.  I need to layer up and go out soon to re-center and revitalize, but am really enjoying retrospectively visiting work I have not gotten to share and re-evaluating images for personal, art and client work.

The images in this post are from around Brevard, North Carolina, mostly in the Pisgah National forest.  The creek is just off the side of 276 and the large waterfall is Looking Glass Falls.  The creek in the collage with it is what you see if you turn around from the big falls.  Equally beautiful in my eyes.  All of these images are from late summer and fall 2014.  Hoping that sharing this natural beauty on a warm day to help shake any winter blues you may have.

camiphoto_brevard_nature_0006 camiphoto_brevard_nature_0005 camiphoto_brevard_nature_0004 camiphoto_brevard_nature_0003 camiphoto_brevard_nature_0002

Prints, canvases and custom books are available from Camilla Calnan Photography – directly or via the camiphotoart etsy store.  Thanks for checking out my blog!

Photographer: Camilla Calnan Photography

Location: Pisgah National Forest, Brevard, NC

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