Asheville Portrait Photographer – Fall Family and Couple Sessions in Asheville and Lake Lure, NC

I am so lucky to have gotten to capture so many wonderful families over the years, and last fall was one of the busiest yet.  There are so many sweet moments frozen in time, captured in pixels and on film, giving something tangible to that ‘je ne sais quoi’ (un-namable quality) that remains unspoken other than in the way we relate to those we love….  I guess that I am a hopeless romantic, but I live for photographing those loving relationships.

Before any more time passes, I want to share a few collages of some of my favorites subjects – couples, children, families, a birthday party and one super sweet dog, Daisy.  Hope you love the photos as much as I do!!

camiphoto_lakelure_family_fall_photos_0002 camiphoto_lakelure_family_fall_photos_0001 camiphoto_asheville_portrait_photography_0001  camiphoto_asheville_family_photography_0004 camiphoto_asheville_family_photography_0003 camiphoto_asheville_family_photography_0002 camiphoto_asheville_family_photography_0001camiphoto_asheville_firstbirthday_photography_0001 camiphoto_asheville_family_fall_photos_0003 camiphoto_asheville_family_fall_photos_0002 camiphoto_asheville_family_fall_photos_0001 camiphoto_asheville_couple_with_dog_0001 camiphoto_asheville_couple_with_dog_0002camiphoto_asheville_couple_with_dog_0003 camiphoto_asheville_couple_with_dog_0005

I would adore getting to capture you and yours – preserving memories you can all treasure for years and generations to come.  Let’s go play!

Photography: Camilla Calnan Photography

Locations: UNCA Botanical Gardens

Downtown Asheville, NC

 Lake Lure, NC

NC Arboretum

Client home in Fairview, NC

Twisted Laurel – restaurant where that adorable birthday party was held.  Many many more pics from there to come soon- awesome location!!

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