Wedding ring macro and micro photos – Asheville Wedding Photographer

The small details in weddings often have the most meaning.  The most symbolic piece of the day is usually the wedding rings, so getting to photograph detail photos of the rings is extra special.  I still get nervous and hold on tightly to the rings, fiercely protecting these precious metal and diamond bands until I get them back to the newlyweds.  In the spirit of the micro snowflake shots from yesterday’s post, I am inspired to share some of my favorite ring photos from a few 2014 weddings.  It is fun to find tiny vignettes using flowers or decor that shows more wedding detail goodness.  It has been a blast getting to rediscover an old Nikon lens works so well for this!  Hope you like these photos as much as I do!

camiphoto_wedding_rings_0001 camiphoto_wedding_rings_0008 camiphoto_wedding_rings_0007 camiphoto_wedding_rings_0006 camiphoto_wedding_rings_0005 camiphoto_wedding_rings_0004 camiphoto_wedding_rings_0003 camiphoto_wedding_rings_0002

Photographer: Camilla Calnan Photography

Rings from a few of my awesome 2014 couples!  Congrats to you all!!  If you are getting married soon or have a gorgeous diamond or gemstone that you need photos of, please get in touch!  I’d love to get to capture something special for you!  🙂

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