Asheville Family and Pet photographer – A session capturing a photographer with her dogs

It is always a pleasure to get to capture someone, when you add in their wonderful pets in a gorgeous location, it is even better.  When you are a photographer and another photographer asks you to photograph them with their dogs, it is even more special.  I am always excited and a bit nervous hoping for the best photos building up to a shoot, and this one was no different, but as soon as I met Keli and her two pups, it all melted away.  Keli is such a wonderful person and her girls, Zoe and Asha, exemplify that by being so very sweet.  They were such a pleasure to get to play with and photograph.  Thrilled to share a collage of my favorites from their session.  I am really happy to share some of Keli’s words about her experience – truly thankful she chose me to capture them!!

“Here is my little crew; Zoe (15yrs), Asha (15mths) and myself Keli. I’ve been wanting to get a little family photoshoot taken for some time now and my beautiful Zoe’s back legs aren’t doing so great so I knew it needed to be now. Being a photographer myself I’m used to being behind the camera not in front of it, but it was great to be in the client position. After a pretty extensive search I came across Cami and loved her ‘eye’ as we say in the photo world. I new she’d do a great job capturing an example of a day and a life of my crew and our bonds. Zoe has been the one constant in my life for so long. I found her in a park with her sister at about 8 weeks old and new instantly my first dog had found me. We’ve lived in Gainesville, FL, Moscow, ID, Seattle, WA, and now Asheville. We’ve explored too many woods, rivers and creeks to keep count, and have probably walked thousands of urban miles. Asha joined us last year, a rescue Christmas puppy! She has brought a lot of lively spunk to our home. She is pure love. We all love our daily walks and adventures. Thanks Cami for helping me feel comfortable and at ease as a client and wanting us to just have fun. After all, that’s what these two bring to my world…lots of fun and joy. I love the images and will treasure them always.”  – Keli


Photographer: Camilla Calnan Photography

Location: Mullen Park, UNCA, Asheville, NC

Keli is the photographer of Keli Keach Photography, also Asheville based.  🙂

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