Looking forward to spring… – Asheville, North Carolina and Vicksburg, Mississippi Nature Photography

As winter’s grip loosens on our little part of the world, I start to think of spring and the joy of working in the gardens and hiking around the mountains of Western North Carolina.  The daffodils are starting to break through the ground and buds are starting to form on the trees, showing it is not far off.  Spring fever is running rampant, but with the knowledge that I cannot dig/plant quite yet, we are reorganizing, reassessing and planning.  New art work being finished has been a result of some of the organization efforts, with many new and some old images being presented in new ways.  Looking forward to capturing more new photos of waterfalls, plants, landscapes and people this year.  Excited about the inspiration that comes with new possibilities as I capture lots of couples, children and family portraits during weddings and all the sessions in gorgeous locations coming up.  I am ecstatic to see what the year brings.

Living in the mountains, in Asheville, North Carolina as a photographer might just be the best thing ever.  Visiting family and friends in Vicksburg, Mississippi as a photographer is also a pretty wonderful thing.  Wonderful people in both places and TONS of photo ops everywhere!!  🙂

Here are some of Camilla Calnan Photography‘s favorite images – now appearing in the new work on boxes, in mats of various colors and on greeting cards:

Here’s to spring!!  🙂

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