Engagement Photography – Kallie and Kenny’s Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens Engagement Session

Kallie and Kenny are having a Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens wedding this fall, so we couldn’t think of a better place to do their engagement session.  I met the couple along with the bride’s mother and brother, and we explored the gardens while discussing their big day and taking lots of photos!!  They are both in the Navy – they met working together on helicopters.  She is a Aviation Structural Mechanic and he is a Aviation Electronics Technician.  Love that they found each other and, obviously, can understand and connect on so many levels.  They are a really good looking couple, too.  They make each other sparkle!!

It was extra special for her mom to hear the two of them answer all the questions I asked (love to get to know my couples and the engagement session is a perfect time to let us get to know each other!!).  Her getting to see them together, so loving and happy, and replying so candidly about how excited they are to be together, was reinforcing what she already knew!  They don’t get to visit often with the work schedules…we were all so glad she came with them.

If you have not been to the DSBG, you should visit if you ever get the chance!  Lovely place!  We look forward to working with Occasions by Emily and WNC Video Productions capturing their wedding this fall.  Going to be so pretty!!  Here are some of my favorites from their session:
Looking forward to seeing Kallie and Kenny soon – all dressed up and the gardens in full bloom!! Going to be a wonderful day! Excited to be their wedding photographer at such an inspiring wedding location! Hope you enjoyed a glimpse of our engagement session.

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