Maria and Mike’s Asheville Wedding – Botanical Gardens Ceremony and On Broadway Reception

I am the luckiest photographer – blessed with getting to work with such amazing clients! Maria and Mike decided on an Asheville wedding and I was ecstatic when they chose me to be their wedding photographer. They booked me before they had even decided where to marry! I adored their personalities and was extra excited when they let me know they chose the Botanical Gardens at Asheville for the ceremony and On Broadway in downtown Asheville for their reception.  Maria and Mike’s wedding day was a celebration of too many wonderful things to let the drizzly weather (or anything else!) put a damper on it! I met them at the Princess Anne Hotel to capture getting ready and family photos.

Maria was glowing, beautiful in her flowing dress and custom necklace. Fun and elegant – cannot get over all the details on it!! That awesome piece was made by her friend, Candice Akbar.  After photographing the ladies for a few moments, Maria told me the wonderful news that they were expecting!! (They are happy to have me share that Kathryn Rose was born on February 24!!) Love these shots of Maria –  especially the BW film! Captures the mood like nothing else…

I then went to work with Mike and his family in their room and congratulate him on the news. He had some news of his own – Mike was fresh from the doctor after a wreck earlier in the day, fractured hand wrapped, but luckily without much worse injury. After everyone was ready, they met downstairs and we took some time for photos with their friends and family.

Huge thanks to Maria’s good friend, Carrie Turner of Carrie Turner Photography, for so many great shot setups (like the door photo below) and being so easy to shoot with! (Carrie photographed the new family after Kathryn arrived – great pics here!) Gorgeous photo opportunities in and around the hotel and felt like I could have shot there forever…but still had two other awesome venues to go to that day!  After we played and took lots of photos, it was time to go to the Botanical Gardens at Asheville for the ceremony.  Annie Perkins of Flying Cloud Farm did the floral throughout the day. Adored the natural feel of the arrangements – perfect for a garden wedding!  The couple took a few moments greeting everybody before taking a moment alone together before the ceremony. Such a sweet moment, everyone was tearing up a little bit…

The officiant, Kim Mako, worked with the couple to make the perfect wedding ceremony. I thought the moment with both sets of parents standing behind their child, hand on their shoulder was one of the most unique and meaningful ideas.  The blessing of their rings by a long married family friend was another powerfully symbolic moment.  The cutest moment of the ceremony was during the reading from the Velveteen Rabbit with the children gathered around, holding hands. 🙂   They said their vows, walked back down the aisle and were surrounded by well wishing bubble blowing friends!!   LOVED their request to get everyone in a shot after the ceremony before we took the formal photos.  I think their sense of humor is great too – Maria found the perfect height step stool to make her as tall as Mike! Too cute!

A few quiet moments for couple photos and to take it all in before heading to the party at On Broadway!!  Cake by Celene and Company catering – almond pound cake!!  Fun flower combinations playing off the white cake and black linens gave the reception great contrast and pop!  Such a wonderful atmosphere in On Broadway!  Vince Rutherford, DJ with the Sound Factory had the dance floor filled as everyone enjoyed dancing to a range of music from Salsa to 80s! These people know how to have fun!!

 This was a perfect event to shoot some film. 🙂   I was finished shooting waaay before they were done celebrating! I wasn’t kidding about them having too much to celebrate for anything to hold it back! Congrats Maria and Mike on your marriage and the birth of you daughter!! Best wishes!! Thanks for having me there for your big day!

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